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explore the full spectrum of health benefits


Deep Healing

Alternative Medicie
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group classes
sound healing
restorative yoga

immune boosting
massage therapy
pain management
sports therapy
anti depressant
emf protection

work chair

beauty spa
self love
sleep aid
pet care
injury recovery

biohacking dream

Yoga Class

Yoga Class

group restorative yoga classes

or personal yoga practice

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our small Spectrum mat is perfect for travel, bring it on vacation, family trips, and to work to make your day healthier and more relaxed.

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work chair 3.JPG
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Pet Safe

Pet Safe

tested and approved by pets everywhere

a healthy, natural alternative for pet care

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hairless cat.jpeg
grey cat.JPG


how to operate the controller 

  • Plug the controller into the wall first, then plug power cord directly into the mat. you should see two red lines static - this means you cannot turn on the functions yet.

  • press power button on, you see the two red lines flashing - This means all functions can be turned on. 

  • press warm button to activate far infrared heat. turn the dial to your desired temperature.


  • press warm again to turn off or select desired length of time. 

    • 0h - no timer (default 12 hours) - 1 hr (1 hour) - 4h​ (4 hours) - 8h (8 hours)


  • press pemf button to activate pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. measure the invisible frequency with the magnet we have included. see videos below to see an example.

  • press photon button to turn on the red-light therapy. red light therapy requires direct skin exposure, put skin area directly on the light.

  • press auto button and pick from 5 automatic pre-programs

    • program 1p: Photon on 30 min. pemf on 15 min
    • program 2p: 8 hour program - 8 x 1 hour loop 
      • (one loop = photon on 30 min, off 30 min, pemf on 15 min, off 45 min) 
    • program 3p: only photon on 30 min, pemf off
    • program 4p: only pemf on 15 min, photon off




How to Use our Magnet to test the invisible PEMf Frequency

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