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5 Technologies for Biohacking


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field ( PEMF )


  • Applies electromagnetic fields to the body to stimulate well-being

  • Counteracts harmful exposure to electromagnetic smog

  • PEMF is based on the Earth’s natural 7.83 Hz frequency

  • This frequency is the most compatible with your body’s natural biorhythms

Video Media

Scientific Studies

Bone / Tissue

In 1974, positive research results on the effects of pulsating magnetic therapy on bone fracture and healing of various tissues were published.


PEMF therapy can relieve pain and improve performance in people with knee arthritis.

Stem Cells

According to a 4-year study conducted by NASA, PEMF therapy helps especially in the regeneration of neural stem cells.


70% of the participants receiving PEMF therapy got substantial or even complete relief on their insomnia.


PEMF-technology applied straight to the brain as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) can help with depression.

Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders can be core symptoms of depression.

Chronic pain

Exposure to a specific pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) has been shown to produce analgesic effects in many organisms

Recovery time

Indicates that FIR heat improves recovery of neuromuscular performance, which can enable harder training and can further accelerate athletic development.


Explores how therapeutic sweating can assist in detoxification from heavy metals.

Cell Health

Molecular signaling events can be clarified in cells responding to physiological forces.


Suggests that energy specific electromagnetic radiation of the central nervous system, the viscera and the endocrine system has the potential to enhance the immune system.

Treat MS

Suggests irradiation using far infrared on the central nervous system, endocrine system and the whole body could prevent, control, manage or lead to complete rehabilitation of people who have MS.


Far infrared therapy improves exercise ability and duration in patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Negative Ions

Benefits seen in: sleep and chronic pain, stress, cortisol levels, reduction of Osteoporosis, Improved Glucose regulation and immune response, & altered Blood Electrodynamics

Skin Healing

Phototherapy using LEDs is beneficial for a range of medical and aesthetic conditions encountered in the dermatology practice like acne, wound healing, Psoriasis, and

skin rejuvenation

​​8 Crystals & the CHakra System

Chakra Crystals


  • 8 gemstones release a vibration that pairs with your chakra points

  • Feel attuned to your environment and yourself

  • Make personal shift towards spiritual enlightenment

  • Release internal blockages impeding growth

  • Spirit Chakra - Blue Lace Agate connects to the Source Energy of the Universe.

  • Crown Chakra – Rose Quartz assists with Physical and Emotional Issues.

  • Third Eye Chakra – Amethyst brings Emotional Balance and Enhances Self-esteem.

  • Throat Chakra –  Sodalite assists with Verbal Expression of Thoughts and Feelings.

  • Heart Chakra – Green Aventurine Dissolves Negative Emotions and Thoughts.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Golden Calcite helps Focus Intentions and provides Ease in Being Yourself.

  • Sacral Chakra – Carnelian promotes Positive Life Choices and Motivates for Success.

  • Base Chakra – Red Jasper brings Insight to Difficult Situations and Calms the Emotions.

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